Best Times to Fish in Grand Haven, Michigan

Lake Michigan fresh water salmon and trout fishing can be some of the most exciting sport fishing around.

Lake Michigan has five main species to fish:

  • Chinook-(King) Salmon, these fish put up a great fight and can range in size from 12- 40 lbs.
  • Coho Salmon, or Silvers as referred to in the Pacific Northwest, can average 3-10lbs, but in 1999 Lake Michigan gave up two records with Coho weighing in at 27 lbs!
  • Lake Trout, deeper water species, are excellent table fare.
  • Brown Trout are most predominate in the Spring, but can also be caught throughout the year.
  • Add those sky-rocketing Steelhead and you’ve got the makings of a fun filled day of world class sportfishing!

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Lake Michigan Salmon & Trout Fishing