Have a Nice Winter!

We look forward to starting up our fishing reports with you this summer!  Stay tuned! Meanwhile, join us on Facebook to stay current on News from Whitney Charters!

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Dad’s Nearly Famous Fried Fish

Fried Salmon... Delish! This recipe works for any fish you’d like to fry from pan fish to large salmon. Pour enough pancake flour (Meijer brand is the best) into a Zip Lock bag to coat [...]

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Simple Grilled Fresh Salmon or Trout

Fresh Grilled Salmon For a skinned fillet: Place the fillet on a piece of foil large enough to close over the fillet. Place 2-3 tablespoons of butter over the fillet. Lemon juice or olive oil [...]

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Fishing Report 9/28/2014

Hello, Now that fall is here and the summer weather has finally arrived, it's a great time to go fishing. After the big storms last weekend the fish, including 2 - 3 yr old kings, [...]

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